4 guys that Wardell "Stephen" Curry beat on the Pro Golf Tour


 Yes, Curry's given first name is Wardell. I was as surprised as you. The fact that he beat 4 guys in a professional golf tournament doesn't surprise me as much as it amuses me :) I mean, it's Golf folks, the ball doesn't move and millions play the game until they fall over on a Florida golf course. That's how "niche" it is.

  So that being said, I couldn't help but wonder........who these 4 guys were?? And.........

How would you like to be one of these guys beaten by our "Golden Ace" here in the Bay? It's one thing to have a bad day on those links, but, dam man, you do this for a living! 

  That's like me walking into your job, showing you how to do it, and then sauntering off to lunch with your boss and her secretary to that place off the boardwalk that you've always wanted to go to......But I'm going.

  I have wondered since the day that Steph received that sponsor exemption to the web.com tour ( brought to you by the "internet of things" and of course....Budweiser ) how it would feel to lose to an amateur after playing this game your entire life. Yuck. 

                            *     *     *     *                   

 Let's take a look at these 4 poor chaps..........


 Chris Worrell - Turned Pro in 2014, 0 career victories, has made just 10K in earnings and best finish is 12th.....I would expect him to miss the cut. At least he can say to his grandkids, " Grandpa once got beat by Stephen Curry on the links.....yes, that Stephen Curry, the guy with more Championship rings than fingers on 1 hand" :)  So he has that going for him......


  Doug Letson - Turned Pro in 2013, 0 career victories, has made 22K in career earnings, and hasn't made a cut this year.......but has a degree in Economics.....which will be coming in handy pretty damn soon if he doesn't start putting the ball into its "home" :) 


   Matthew Goggin - this Aussie turned pro in 1995 and has 5 career victories! Not to mention a nice tidy sum of 1.4M in career earnings..........what the hell happened Matt! Maybe he just felt sorry for us Americans over here.......I don't blame him, I feel sorry for us too :) 


   Colt McNealy - first of all, that name rubs me the wrong way; a sort of an "elitist" bent that sounds like he grew up on a country club fairway. I can't get the image of "Shooter McGavin" out of my head and I've never even seen a picture of this "Colt" guy.........I bet you he has a brother named Maverick...........Wait, he does!! Disgusting, glad he got cut :) 


   It just goes to show you, with athleticism you can learn to play golf, but your not going to see any of those "gophers" out on the hardwood any time soon..... :) Good on you Steph