As Hall of Fames Go......NEGRO LEAGUES IS A MUST

Chooch, Bob Kendrick ( President of the Negro Leagues Museum ) and Kube.......killing it in KC. 

 If you want to do yourself a favor, hop on a quick flight out to the heartland and become engaged in a walk with history, eloquently and enthusiastically served up by Mr. Bob Kendrick, an engaging story-teller and walking wealth of astute and entertaining knowledge of a bygone era that will never be forgotten. 

 You are instantly transformed into an informational sponge upon entering the museum, characters grace the walls and heighten the baseball senses as you gander at the stars that you had previously only heard of........."Cool Papa" Bell, Josh Gibson, and the magnificent if not electrifying Satchel Paige to name just a few.....and I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge Mr. Kansas City himself, a fantastic ballplayer and even better man in the mural down below......

Hall of Famer Buck O'Neil.

From their upstart beginnings and outlaw attitudes, to packing 50K plus into Comiskey Park on a Sunday afternoon All-Star classic, culminating in Jackie Robinson taking his rightful place in Major League Baseball - the Negro Leagues were something special, something labored and unpretentious, highly celebrated and only stubbornly decorated....... these were ballplayers of the highest degree, this museum like this unforgettable.

 Do yourself a favor, come take a trip around these bases.......your soul will thank you :)