Herm Edwards is right.....We Need to Huddle!

Raider Training Camp 2017 

Raider Training Camp 2017 

A curious thing happened to me when I flipped on the highlights of the day in sports after taking in a brisk leisurely walk around the city; I see this guy talking about how society isn't REALLY connected anymore and that more people "need to huddle" - my initial instinct is, oh you are preaching to the choir here Herm! 

  I've been speaking about this for quite some time, about how we aren't listening to each other, only yelling and proving our own personal point without taking into consideration another way of looking at it and seeing where that person is coming from and putting ourselves in their shoes for a brief moment........

  But this guy is talking about Football! And it makes, even more, sense - allow me to explain...

  Throwing away the tired excuse of " this is just an old man yelling at clouds", if you were to look up from your Twitter or Instagram account you would notice that we are being deprived of human interaction every step of this new era and it is causing a sense of loneliness and despair not seen in modern times - this is no different on a football field these days. 

  I recently went to a high school football game where the pace of the offense was so quick that the boys ran up to line immediately after the play was over to pretend to hike the ball, only to all raise up at the same time and look over to the coach and 3 knuckleheads with pre-arranged cardboard signs making idiots of themselves as they "call" the play so that everyone can see - an exhausting sequence that is continued ON EVERY PLAY.

  The players don't feel together because they are not together.

  There is something to be said for looking in your teammates' eyes and feeling a part of something bigger than yourself, working together as a team, one unit moving forward, all on the same page and all playing for one another. 

   This is impossible with these "high tech" offenses now - we think we are moving forward and progressing - 

   What we are really doing is growing farther apart, becoming more self-involved, and less human.

   Herm is right......We Need to Huddle.