Are the Giants Baseball's Mafia??


 Here I am sitting on the couch after watching the "Hated Ones" take Game 1 in the WS and across my phone comes..... "Giants fire Nevin and move Bam Bam to Bench Coach "   

  I can't help but think that this organization is the epitome of a true "insiders only" know, like our old-school buddies with the crooked noses who always called ya "Pal"

  These moves the past few days have shown us all that if you aren't already in.........your not in. Let's take a look at how the organization has "reorganized" itself, without really letting anybody go. The quintessential Giants way.

  First, we had the purge on Saturday that had :

   Dave Righetti reassigned to "special assistant to the General Manager"

   Mark Gardner was given a "special assignment role to assist in pitching evaluations" 

   Steve Decker is now a "special assistant for baseball operations" 

    Now isn't that "special"............but it hasn't stopped there...

   As I brush off the fog of watching the hated ones celebrate a victory, word comes down that the Giants have FIRED Phil Nevin ( after 1 season ) and promoted Bam Bam Muelens ( you can't make that name up, especially for this article :) to bench coach. 

   This is mafia type stuff folks- only its happening at 2nd and King...

    All the "insiders" are getting "reassigned" and the one outsider ( Nevin ) got canned. Nevin was always a weird hire to me but nonetheless, his bag is packed and the most incestual team in the MLB is circling the wagons.....Hell, they even hired David Bell ( former beloved player ) to be VP of Player Development! And interviewed Chili Davis for Hitting Coach! 

Do you see a pattern here??? ALL EX-GIANTS. 

Once you're're in - you can always be "reassigned" And this is the inherent problem with an organization being quickly left behind; so unwilling to let go of their past and embrace a new era that they are essentially playing a shell game within the organization.

 This is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic folks. 

 I was going to put my extensive resume in, but why bother!? I never did like cold water, and like the movie, this damn thing is going to be WAY TOO LONG. :)