Gap is in Trouble.........Will A's and Fisher finally sell???

Now this is more of a hope for the Bay Area and Oakland unto itself, but I believe that this has legs....and when you start to connect the dots it makes sense and it might "start the gears grinding" towards a real solution to the sad sports scene that is the Oakland Coliseum.

 It is no secret that Gap is in trouble. It has an outdated model dependent upon shopping mall sales and we all know how that is going with the advent of online sales and amazon to name a few. 

 What you might not realize is that the majority owner of the A's is John Fisher, the son of Donald Fisher who founded the Gap years ago. Starting to see the connection here???? John Fisher is a billionaire a few times over so lets not jump the gun here, but we all know billionaires ( don't you? :) ) and when a "product" is losing $$ they tend to start selling off things so that they can invest in something else that makes them $$ at the present moment - thus keeping their cash flow and net worth intact. 

 Here's a quote from an excellent article, from an excellent Newspaper : “Gap’s time has passed,” said Chicago retail consultant Brian Kelly. “They are not even taking care of their stores. When a brand gets to that point, it’s game, set and match.”

 The A's are an asset, Gap is losing $$ and looking like they will eventually have to declare bankruptcy - what does he sell off??? I believe that Larry from Oracle has a standing offer on the table and pretty soon Fisher is gonna take it - that time might be coming. Larry has been clamoring to get into Baseball for quite some time now, and the timing is ripe for the picking. 

  The A's have a stadium issue, a talent issue, a reputation issue ( don't mention Donaldson or Cespedes to any self respecting A's fan without fear of reprisal ) and a huge Coliseum site with unreal potential - not to mention that the Coliseum itself doesn't even have a sponsor right now! 

 ORACLE COLISEUM with a gorgeous view of the East Bay Hills sounds like a solution........and the timing might just be so.................