Funny thing about Fear, it's all around us yet we don't talk about it much. It stops the majority of people from realizing their dreams, it fact at times Fear stops me from writing....but not today.....not today.

What am I worried about really? What people will think? How the world will view me? What do I care? Funny thing is that when I actually take that first step or leap it usually turns out just fine...in fact, just by writing that very line I feel that much better! What took me so long?? How come I don't do this more often??? The answer is actually a part of the question...........We live too much in the future or past.....we don't appreciate what is right in front of us. I aim to change my aim.

After a gentle walk down a busy street with a great friend I realized that we all just do things in life, we can't worry about what its going to look like as a finished product - I mean there is no finished product without a product - seems simple enough right? But it is not so simple in our complex mind. We have a way of dreaming up a scenario where our vision is a certain way and we aren't going to do it until it is exactly so.........thus we don't end up doing it. That stops now, and it should stop now with you too. 

Go out and start that project, let it be what it is....now. Leave it unfinished, you'd be surprised on how "finished" it looks next week. Take that class, call that friend, say Hi to that girl! Sitting on the sidelines is no way to go thru life.....get out there boys and girls - live - love - thrive - survive - enjoy - fail - succeed - just be................its good enough :)

Thanks for the pep talk.........and thanks to my friend for the stroll on a Thursday afternoon..........