Reggie No-Shows Oaktown on Jackie Robinson Day

Sad Picture of Reggie at a dinner in Atlanta on Jackie Robinson Day - nice job dude

I wish I didn't have to write this, but this has been going on for way too long and now it has crescendoed into a blatant disregard for a man that he owes much, if not all of what he has achieved to, in a city from where he made a name for himself but he continues to stonewall. 

 Reginald Martinez Jackson skipped out on a ceremony here in Oakland tonight that included Rickey Henderson, Blue Moon Odom, Vida Blue, and Dave Stewart throwing out first pitches at the Coliseum on Jackie Robinson Day! What excuse you might ask? There is none, its pure you can see above ( he was at a dinner in Atlanta - hat tip to @the golden one on the twitter ) , the man NEEDS to be surrounded by adoring fans, not just another guy throwing out a ball on an extremely important day in African American and baseball history. 

 The problem goes more than skin deep, this is a pattern with Mr. Jackson. If he doesn't get paid, he doesn't show. Plain and simple. His moral compass seems to spin out of control until it stops on the $$ sign, and that folks is a dam shame, but rather predictable. 

 This is the same guy who recently showed up at a Warriors game, home of the defending World Champs, in a NY YANKEE hat - yes, a yankee hat. D. I mean he is steps from the ballpark where he won 3 consecutive World Series Championships here in Oakland and he wears the colors of the enemy...... 

 My understanding is that he gets PAID to wear that hat everywhere he goes....oh don't put it past him folks....he is that absorbed. 

 I'd like to call on the good citizens of the renewed Oakland, along with their fabulous forward thinking mayor and cut whatever ties are left with ole Reggie - he obviously isn't interested in history, morals, values and such, so stop chasing him. He's like that girlfriend I've had, that only asked how I was doing when I STOPPED calling her :) Chasing isn't a good look on anyone. 

 Let's rejoice in the fact that Oakland is on the upswing, the Warriors are the toast of the town if not the Nation, and that you want to be surrounded by people who WANT to be's time to cut ties with $$$ Mr. October $$$ and rejoice in the man the myth the legend that is......Steph Curry............ our Mr. June. 

 I bet he would throw out the first questions asked.