Let Them Be Kids

How many more kids in the prime of their developing years are we going to continue to see having surgery after surgery due to overuse, neglect, parental overreach and most of all, the king kong of all cons in the youth sports world........Travel Ball?!; before we realize that what we are really stealing from these players is their youth, their childhood, their health but most of all their joy and love of the game, one which is acquired when we first pick up that bat and smiles encompass our faces.

$$ TRAVEL BALL $$ - one in which a money hungry "coach" alludes to the farce that if your kid wants to get " looked at " by coaches from the next level that he or she MUST play on my team in my tournament at my price; this is called " dangling the carrot " and it is a sham that must be forewarned, as the charleton's are the ones not only making off with the $$ but also with those kids future......... shame on them...... stop chasing the carrot, the answer is in your own community, your own backyard. 

If your kid really has talent.....they will find them. Let the boys and girls play, enjoy the game, at any level the talent will reveal itself  - it doesn't get developed if they are crisscrossing the state getting 3 at bats in a weekend tournament in a dusty city, far far away.