A Jaunt into SF High School History

What happens when you walk into the Old Refurbished Mint here in SF???? You run right smack dab into history, like time has stood still and it is as if you have transported back to a bygone era - one of mere simplicity, one of fierce rivalry, one of mutual respect.

This is just a sampling of the history just oozing out of the Old Mint on a slick Sunday, period costumes roam the halls, kids and their parents hesitate as they cautiously make their way from vault to vault.......no doubt wondering where exactly they used to stack all that Gold.

From hilarious sideshows to knowledgeable city librarians this venue was a historian's playground. It just so happens that Chooch and his bud somehow wandered right over to this impressive display of all things SF High Schools. I'm sure you local folk are looking for your alma mater somewhere in there but know this.... this was just a taste - the guy only brought a third of his collection! 

Now I've only been here a couple of years, and truth be told ( please Chooch ) I always looked at SF as that behemoth across the bay and never truly knew much about it, hell I hardly ever ventured into the belly of the beast without getting unceremoniously spit out :) My time here in the past was brief, my memories scant....boy did I miss out, I would recommended that you take the time to enjoy this great city, as I have, and will continue........

Tell me about your memory jog when you gaze upon the picture above............ I love to hear about old sports teams........as once or twice in my young life I myself have been called.........

an Old Sport :)