Spring has Sprung......the Thawing has begun

If you aren't pumped for Spring Training then immediately get off this story, web page, blog, rant or whatever you want to call it. Dust off your optimism and let that snow from a supposed El Nino melt away.....Baseball is back baby! 

I don't care what the calendar says, when I hear those glorious words.... " pitchers and catchers report " then I know, spring has sprung. 

The crack of the bat, the smell of the leather, the fresh cut grass, the pop of the four seam fastball as it sizzles its way into the rookies mitt......" Is this heaven??".........No.......its Spring Training. Name that movie.............  

Now I have been to Spring Training on both coasts, and it tends to bring out the best in all who attend - regardless of race, color, gender and so on. From grabbing a tan from your favorite spot on the grassy hillside to listening to the endless conversations of the old timers debating on who's going to do what this year, there is no better time. For at that instance you are transported to a world where there is no conflict, everyone seems to be in their right minds and life as we know it, stands still.......For baseball is here, the National Pastime is bestowed upon us once again.

Baseball for us takes us down memory lane, heightens our senses for an envious future but most of all it allows us to stay firmly connected to the present - watching the new guys ( and gals soon :) toss the ball around the diamond gives us the hope that we need to fulfill our lives, because I don't care if your young or old, small or tall, there is a little bit of you out there warming up on the mound, a little bit of you making that throw over to first......it begs comparison to players past, it allows you to visualize the future.....all while keeping you firmly planted on that fresh cut grass on a sunsplashed Spring Training Day........PLAY BALL!