The Lovable Losers

 Cubs Clinching a berth in the Championship Series here at At&T Park 10/11/16.... Their last Celebration in 2016???

 Cubs Clinching a berth in the Championship Series here at At&T Park 10/11/16.... Their last Celebration in 2016???

 As I sit here and write this the Beloved Chicago Cubbies ( pretty weak nickname ) are down 3-1  in the World Series to the Tribe from Ohio in a great match-up of previously downtrodden teams with a less than desirable history, let alone World Series history.

 Why this makes complete sense to me and plenty of my fellow constituents as it might not make sense to you.....I shall explain....

  The Cubs have been in existence for quite some time now, their record in the post season makes most baseball fans feel sorry for them, ( compassion if you will ) but that seems to work in their favor....follow me for a second...

  The Cubbies are know far and wide as a team you really can't hate ( unless your a Cardinals fan ) because they weren't much of a threat - you love the history of the field and growing up watching the likes of Andre "the Hawk" Dawson, Ryne Sandberg, Mark Grace, Rick Sutcliffe and so knew they were "alright" but you knew come crunch-time and especially playoff time that they would exit stage left faster than a Mitch Williams fastball lined into center ( you're welcome Giants Fans ) 

 This is where this renaissance of sorts in the last couple of years is a bit disturbing for me. The Cubs are the LAST of the breed when it comes to futility, curses, heartbreak and debauchery. I mean who among us doesn't like to watch a train wreck?? The year the Red Sox finally broke their curse was great.....FOR THAT YEAR. 

 The Red Sox are now "just another team" who have a won a couple titles but the luster is off the frog - they are no longer "darlings" and people don't root for them to "break the curse" as they did for so long. Baseball needs these guys to struggle, to come Oh so close, to talk about breaking curses and giving "granny" her long awaited Championship - BUT NOT GET IT.

 It takes the fun out of it for the rest of us, the Cubs are down 3-1 and I have to say ( sorry Rack out in Indiana ) that I'm thrilled! I want the talk next year to be of "what they need to do better" and how they were Oh so close and blah blah blah.....another Heartbreak is on tap at Wrigley.......we need the Tribe to finish it..........we need........